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    Interested in joining the Theme Team?

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    Important Interested in joining the Theme Team?

    Post by Logic on Thu May 17, 2012 10:24 am

    Interested In Joining The Theme Team?

    Hello everyone my name is Logic and I am the Head Themer for Forumotion Services. Today I am offering the change for three members to join the Theme Team. Now this is open to anyone but just because you apply it does not definitely mean you will get the position , I will pick carefully and precisely.

    Some requirements you will need :

    • You will need to do requests quite quickly , You cannot take a a week or more just doing one theme.

    • You need to make your own themes and they need to be unique , You cannot keep constantly making the same style of themes again and again you need to mix it up. You can use some themes / skins already up on Hitskin and manipulate them / change them a lot but you cannot just steal a theme and claim you made it.

    When you are applying you must give a link to at least three themes you have made and it must be easy to see that you made it like with your name somewhere on the theme like on the Header.

    Apply To Join

    What version of themes do you prefer to make? :
    What color is your favorite to use when making themes? :
    How many themes have you made? :
    How long do you think it would take you to complete an order? :
    Can you complete orders fast? :
    Link 1 of one of your already made themes :
    Link 2 of one of your already made themes :
    Link 3 of one of your already made themes :

    This is an official Announcement for the Theme department of Forumotion Services.
    Thread made by Logic the Head Theme Designer of Forumotion Services.

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