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    Chris Dans
    Chris Dans
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    Important Support Center

    Post by Chris Dans on Sat May 19, 2012 2:48 pm

    Here in the support Center We help you with your needs but in order to help you and everyone else then we must ask you do do a couple of things.


    • Colors and Bold text are reserved for moderation, therefore don't use them.
    • When you ask a question, try to be clear and accurate about what you want to say.
    • You must respect the Moderators and Administrators. They will try helping you out. (as well as other members.
    • Note that repeated posting or bumping up your topic will distract other members from answering your questions, as well as other members'. Do not spam to raise your post count. Your extra posts will just be deleted.

    Thank You,
    Chris Dans
    Moderation Team Leader


    Chris is Making A Design/Graphic Group If you want to join just pm him for more info.
    (You can't Pm me for support)

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