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    Moderation Apps

    Chris Dans
    Chris Dans
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    Important Moderation Apps

    Post by Chris Dans on Mon May 14, 2012 4:28 pm

    Hello I'm Chris Daniels I'm here to announce that Moderation Apps are now closed.

      You Must Not Be returning from a Ban
      You Must not have any warnings!
      You must never abuse power in any form or fashion

    If you are interested please send the following form to ME

    Experience Level:
    Why should we hire you?:
    What Can You Bring to The Team:[/b]

    Note* I will not hire everyone who sends me a Job App so make sure your App is neatly typed.

    Thank you For Your Time.
    Christopher H. Daniels
    Mod Team Leader

    This will be locked now. We will not be accepting any more applications! Thank you.

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